Information for refugees with a status

Start to contact your consultant from Vluchtelingenbegeleiding (formerly known as vluchtelingenwerk) Delft (‘Vivian’) if you want to apply for a gift from our fund for the travelling expences for your family members. If you do not have a residence status your consultant will tell you that you are not eligible for a gift from our fund.

  • Your consultant will help you with the legal procedure you have to start with the IND and when that is completed with the application form.
  • Before you can apply for a compensation for travelling expenses, you need a document from the IND. This is called a MVV. In Dutch this is a 'Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf'. Your consultant can tell you everything about it. 
  • The IND will assess whether the ‘follower’ belongs to your family. The ‘follower’ has to be first degree family. This can be your spouse, partner, child or parent.
  • When all the legal things are done, your consultant will help you with the apllication form for our reunification fund.
  • We process applications in order of entry.
  • Your consultant will ask you if you can pay for (part of) the travelling expenses yourself. We only honour requests of people that can not afford these expenses.
  • If we honour your request, we will compensate for the cheapest ticket available on the moment of travelling. We do not compensate for travelling expenses to or from the airport.
  • We will pay 60% of the ticket(s) when your consultant can show us a copy of the tickets and a copy of a bank account that proves that the tickets are bought and 40% afterwards, when your consultant confirms the arrival of your family member(s). 

Relevant links

If you have any questions in general or encounter problems during your application you can visit following websites to help you out:

Contact options concerning integration

Here you will find information of all kinds of organizations which can help you integrate fast in the Netherlands.

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